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Let’s get you driving a tuktuk!

Driving your own tuktuk in Sri Lanka is easy with Here’s how anyone with a valid drivers licence can do it.

Book your tuk

Start by selecting your start and end dates locations and your choice of tuktuk to confirm your trip.

Pick your extras

Planning to surf? Got precious cargo? Select from our range of extras including surf racks, baby seats, bluetooth speakers, coolers and more!


Get your local licence

You need a local permit to drive legally in Sri Lanka, but don’t worry, we organise this for you before you arrive! All you need to do is send a photo of your driver’s licence and passport after you book and we’ll sort the rest.

Plan your trip

If you’re only spending a couple of weeks in Sri Lanka, it can be wise to plan ahead so you make the most of your limited time. If you want help, book a free trip planning session with our experienced team


Take your driving lesson

When you arrive, one of our instructors will give you a personalised driving lesson to get you used to driving a tukuk. If you’re a natural this won’t take long, but if you need more time, our instructors have all day to help you.

Hit the road!

After you’ve taken your driving lesson, you’re free to hit the road and begin your adventure. We’ll be on standby 24/7 should you need us, but otherwise it’s over to you to make some unforgettable memories!


How does work? is a social business. We rent tuktuks to travellers that want to experience Sri Lanka in a different way, but we don’t own any tuktuks ourselves. Instead, we source all our tuktuks from local tuktuk drivers who have some of the lowest salaries in Asia. We make sure everything from your arrival to departure is sorted out so you only have to worry about enjoying yourself.

Since our first customers in 2016, we have contributed over US$500,000 to more than 300 families in Sri Lanka

Is it legal to drive a tuktuk in Sri Lanka?

Yes, as long as you have a licence to drive a car in your home country, you can legally drive a tuktuk in Sri Lanka. However, there are two essential things you need before you hit the road:

      • A Sri Lankan driving permit
      • Valid vehicle insurance

To drive a tuktuk safely, ethically, and hassle free in Sri Lanka, there are few more things we highly recommend:

      • Use a safe and reliable tuktuk
      • Take a comprehensive and personal driving lesson
      • Have an on board travel and repair kit
      • Have access to 24/7 on-the-road support and assistance
      • Rent from a social business
      • Offset your emissions provides all of the above through an easy to book online website.

Sri Lankan driving permit

Driving a tuktuk (or any vehicle) in Sri Lanka requires a special local licence. Sri Lanka is one of a few countries that don’t recognise international or foreign driving licences, so you must get a local Recognition Permit to drive legally in this country. Driving without a valid local permit can result in fines or possibly jail time.

If you are a customer, we will organise your local driving permit before you arrive. If you have multiple drivers, you simply need to select the number of licences you need from the extras section.

Anyone else can get this from the Automobile Association of Ceylon themselves, but you should allow half a day to get this done (depending on queues, business day opening hours and traffic in Colombo)

Valid vehicle insurance

Any vehicle you drive in Sri Lanka must be insured for the person who is driving it (note, most regular vehicle insurance plans won’t cover you as a third party driver). If you book your tuktuk through, you don’t need to worry about this, since all our vehicles have comprehensive insurance to cover foreign drivers as standard.

Our insurance covers all parties, including you (the driver), your passengers, your vehicle and any third-party vehicle and people you are implicated with. This is standard on all our vehicles and included in the rental price.

Which covers damage to the vehicle, other vehicles, and other people, BUT it’s still extremely important to have your own travel insurance in case of a mishap, and especially in the event of personal injury. TukTuks aren’t commonly written on insurance papers either so we suggest you make sure you are covered for both car and motorcycle – this will prevent you running into any trouble if you need to make a claim.

If you are looking for travel insurance that covers tuktuks, we have found SAFETYWING. They offer quite reasonable rates too!

Prices start a $37/ 4 Weeks and include:

Travel medical – Access a qualified global network of hospitals and doctors for unexpected medical problems and accidents. Includes coverage for: Doctors, Hospitals, Emergency medical evacuation.

Travel – Includes coverage for: Travel delay, Lost checked luggage, Emergency response & natural disasters, Personal liability.

Compre hensive driving lesson -Before you set off on your own, we arrange a qualified tuktuk driver to give you a one hour driving lesson and overview of basic vehicle maintenance. We make sure you are comfortable driving a tuktuk and you are ready to hit the street like a pro!

Comprehensive driving lesson – As part of our service, we provide a kit that gets you on the road and keeps you on the road longer. Our kit includes:

      • Spare Tyre
      • Basic Toolset
      • Reserve Fuel Tank
      • Lockable Storage Box
      • USB Charging Port
      • Phone Holder

The following can be booked as optional extras:

      • Big Bluetooth Speakers
      • Surfboard roof racks
      • Baby-seats

We provide you with:

Comprehensive on-the-road manual with all the information about renting a tuktuk, driving tips, basic tuktuk maintenance, traveller information and discounts at accommodations around the country!

An introductory video, which covers everything you need to know and prepare you to drive the roads in paradise!

Amazing Digital Attractions map which you can load on your mobile, hundreds of unique locations we have sourced over the years to make sure you take the roads less travelled and see things others don’t! Trust me when we say this map is better than the Lonely Planet book 😉

100% carbon neutral (we offset all km’s driven)

In the battle against climate change, we all need to do our part. Therefore we offset all your kilometres driving, resulting you driving around Carbon Neutral! This is included in the rental price too 😉

Repair costs covered by while you’re on the road

We cover fear wear and tair while you are on the road! That means that if something breaks while you are driving the vehicle unless you were involved in an accident/incident, we cover the cost. When you rent with us there really are no hidden charges!

Unlimited km’s

Pretty straighforward, drive as long and as far as you like. Every kilometer you drive, is included in the rental price.

Pickup and Dropoff locations all across the island

Want to pick-up in Kandy and drop off in Arugam Bay? All possible! We’ve got 27 pick-up and drop-off location all over the island you can choose diretly from our online reservation system. Not only that, if you requested location is not in the system, just contact us and we’ll make it happen! Our experienced driving instructors drive the tuktuk to your location, togehter with your licence and give you the driving lesson there.

Easy online payment options and digital deposit refund (paypal or credit card)

When making a booking through our booking system, you can choose to pay by Credit Card or PayPal! Super easy and we refund your deposit back the same way, no hassle with local currencies just before you leave the country.

Book your tuktuk with us now!

Now its time to lock in your three-wheeled glorified lawnmoyer, we have normal tuktuks avaialble as well as a CamperTuk with solar panel and where you can sleep in!

You can book your tuktuk right from our website through our online reservationssystem, pay with PayPal or CreditCard and send through your licence information digitally. It does not get any easier!

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