A city rich in culture and heritage

Rent a Tuktuk in Kandy, Sri Lanka!

Surrounded by beautiful tea plantations and mountains, Kandy offers a picturesque setting for exploration. Temperatures in Kandy are between 19-28 degrees year-round, providing a pleasant climate for outdoor activities. As you traverse the winding roads through tea plantations and ascend the mountains, the refreshing breeze caresses your face while the mist adds an enchanting touch to the landscape. Delicate hill-country breezes impel the mist to part gently, revealing colourful houses amid Kandy’s improbable forest halo.

Embrace the tranquillity and charm of Kandy as you navigate its streets in a tuk-tuk, soaking in the captivating views of tea-covered hills and majestic mountains. The city’s beautiful centrepiece lake serves as a serene oasis, with the mist creating an ethereal atmosphere that adds to the city’s allure.

Things to Do in and Around Kandy

It’s the second-largest city in Sri Lanka

In the realm of spirituality - Embrace the tranquility of the moment as a tuktuk crosses paths with a peaceful Buddhist temple in Kandy
In the realm of spirituality - Embrace the tranquility of the moment as a tuktuk crosses paths with a peaceful Buddhist temple in Kandy 📸 @marktheadventure

Rent a Tuktuk in Kandy with Tuktukrental.com

Obtain Your Sri Lankan Recognition Permit from Kandy

Driving a tuktuk in Sri Lanka requires a special recognition permit, and there are two ways to get this. Either with your “International Driving Permit / IDP” or your “Regular National Country Licence” with B/C endorsement (depending on your country where B/C is representing car) on it.

We can obtain your recognition permit from the AAC (Automobile Association of Ceylon) with any of the two. You will receive an email with the licence form where you can upload the documents, and we will have it ready at your pickup in Kandy. You can read more information about the Sri Lankan recognition permit here!

Get Covered with Our Comprehensive Insurance

All our tuktuks come with comprehensive insurance covering damage to your tuktuk and other vehicles. It also covers personal injury to you, your passengers, and 3rd parties. Read more about the insurance coverage here!

Master Your Tuktuk: Get Comfortable Before Beginning Your Journey from Kandy

We will provide you with an online briefing going over the final details, and we will assist you with your itinerary. Finally, receive comprehensive driving instruction before exploring paradise in your own tuktuk from Kandy.

Why Choose Tuktukrental.com?

Renting a tuktuk is an exciting and unique way to see the country’s gorgeous landscapes and immerse yourself in the local culture, especially around Kandy. Consider factors such as reputable reviews, official business registration, SLTDA registration, correct rental insurance, safety and maintenance standards, transparent pricing, customer support, license requirements, training, and environmental practices when selecting a rental company. You can read further about it here!

Your safety is our priority. We provide proper rental insurance coverage, regular vehicle inspections, and dedicated mechanics for maintenance. Roadside assistance is available in case of emergencies. We believe in transparent pricing and offer reasonable rental conditions without hidden fees. Our commitment to clear communication ensures exceptional customer service and quick resolution of any issues. Since 2019, we have offset all our carbon emissions, supporting sustainable tourism and contributing to a greener Sri Lanka.

Consider these aspects when selecting a tuktuk rental provider. Enjoy the freedom of the open road and immerse yourself in the splendour of Sri Lanka. Let the adventure begin from Kandy!

Things to See in Kandy

Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa)

Experience the majesty of Buddhism at this temple, where you can marvel at the sacred relic of Lord Buddha’s tooth. Explore the beautiful architecture, participate in ancient rites, and soak in the spiritual ambience. You can reach this temple easily in your own tuktuk.

Kandy Lake

Stroll around Kandy Lake, also known as Kiri Muhuda (Milky Ocean). Admire the magnificent reflections of the neighbouring hills in the peaceful water and enjoy the quiet surroundings. While exploring Kandy, consider renting a tuktuk to reach Kandy Lake and other attractions.

Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

Indulge in the vibrant beauty of the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, which boast a wonderful selection of tropical vegetation. Stroll through beautiful gardens, enjoy rare orchids, and see huge trees like a 40-meter-tall Javan fig tree. You can even take a scenic tuktuk ride to reach the gardens. Find it here.

Udawatta Kele Sanctuary

Embark on a nature stroll at the Udawatta Kele Sanctuary, an idyllic forest in Kandy. Explore the city’s rich flora and wildlife, historic cave temples, and breathtaking vistas. Consider renting a tuktuk for a convenient and eco-friendly way to reach the sanctuary. Find it here.

Kandy View Point

Capture stunning shots of Kandy from the Kandy View Point. Witness the cityscape, the Temple of the Tooth, and the green mountains in the distance, all combining to provide a beautiful sight. You can enjoy the scenic ride to the viewpoint of a tuktuk.

Kandy Cultural Show

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Sri Lankan culture at the Kandy Cultural Show. Experience captivating performances showcasing various cultural elements of the country. Consider renting a tuktuk to reach the cultural show venue comfortably.

Royal Botanical ayGardens, Peradeniya

Explore the vast Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya, just outside Kandy. Wander through themed gardens, such as the beautiful avenue of royal palms and the medicinal plant garden. You can easily access the botanical gardens by renting a tuktuk. Find it here.

Gadaladeniya Temple

Visit the stunning Gadaladeniya Temple, a Buddhist temple that showcases a unique architectural style. Admire the elaborate sculptures, quiet environment, and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. A memorable way to reach the temple is by renting a tuktuk.

Tea Plantations

Embark on a lovely trip to the outermost parts of Kandy and visit the lush tea estates. Enjoy stunning views of rolling hills covered in tea plants while learning about the tea-making process and savouring a cup of freshly brewed Ceylon tea. You can find the Ceylon Tea Museum easily accessible via tuktuk. Find it here.

Scenic serenity - Marvel at the awe-inspiring landscapes of Victoria Reservoir, a must-visit destination in Kandy
Scenic serenity - Marvel at the awe-inspiring landscapes of Victoria Reservoir, a must-visit destination in Kandy 📸 @From.Miles.Away

Marvel at the awe-inspiring landscapes of Victoria Reservoir

Taste the Local Flavours in Kandy

Cafe Seema

Cafe Seema serves you delicious Sri Lankan food, such as rice and curry, hoppers, and roti. Enjoy the relaxing and intimate atmosphere while receiving courteous and responsive service. You can find this delightful cafe easily accessible via tuktuk here.

Route 66 Sri Lanka

Route 66 Sri Lanka offers a blend of flavours, combining Sri Lankan and international cuisines. The restaurant provides a dynamic ambience and rapid service, and you can savour delicious burgers and local favourites like kottu roti. To reach Route 66, Sri Lanka, consider renting a tuktuk for a convenient journey. Find it here.


This place serves a variety of grilled favourites as well as foreign meals. This restaurant promises a tasty dining experience with exquisite steaks and fresh seafood. Enjoy the modern and elegant ambience, as well as competent and responsive service. To enhance your culinary adventure, you can easily reach Mrinate by hopping on a tuktuk. Click here to find the location.

Cafe Secret Alley

Cafe Secret Alley, renowned for its warm and attractive environment, is a hidden gem in Kandy. Enjoy a choice of appetisers, sandwiches, and beverages while immersing yourself in the relaxed and artsy atmosphere. The experience is completed with friendly and inviting service. To uncover the secret delights of Cafe Secret Alley, hop on a tuktuk and find it conveniently. Find it here.

Hela Bojun Hala

Indulge in a wide variety of local dishes made from fresh ingredients at Hela Bojun Hala. It’s a business that empowers women and encourages them to work while providing extremely cheap and excellent cuisine. Enjoy the living environment while obtaining prompt and competent service. Ride your tuktuk to Hela Bojun Hala for an authentic culinary experience. Find it here.


Discover the secret treasure tucked away in a charming lane, where you may experience a tasty pot of delicious rice and curry. At Mandiya, indulge in the tastes of traditional Sri Lankan cuisine and embark on a gastronomic adventure that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you wanting more. You can easily access Mandiya by taking a tuktuk to the hidden lane. Find it here.

A couple standing on the side of the tuktuk in Kandy
A couple standing on the side of the tuktuk in Kandy 📸 @silkyrontheroad

Surrounded by mountains, Kandy offers a picturesque setting for exploration

Recharge at Comfortable Stays in Kandy

Kandy Backpacker's Hostel

Kandy Traveller’s Hostel provides inexpensive accommodation in a vibrant traveller environment. Enjoy comfortable dormitory or private rooms, socialise with other visitors in the common areas, and receive courteous assistance from the helpful staff. To reach Kandy Backpacker’s Hostel, consider renting a tuktuk for a convenient and budget-friendly transportation option. Find it hare.

Sobaya Hotel Kandy

Sobaya Hotel in Kandy’s centre offers pleasant and well-appointed rooms for a comfortable stay. Because of its convenient location, courteous staff, and warm welcome, this hotel provides a lovely break for city travellers. Consider renting a tuktuk to reach Sobaya Hotel and enjoy a comfortable stay easily. Find it here.

Ananda Homestay

Immerse yourself in the local culture while staying at Ananda Homestay. Enjoy the warmth and friendliness of the hosts, as well as home-cooked meals and comfy lodgings. This Kandy homestay provides a genuine and customised experience. To experience the local culture at Ananda Homestay, you can reach the homestay conveniently by renting a tuktuk. Find it here.

How to Get to Kandy from Colombo

A Train Ride to Kandy

To travel by train from Colombo to Kandy, take a direct train from Colombo Fort Railway Station. Trains run throughout the day, providing a quick and picturesque commute. The train travel takes about 2-3 hours, depending on the type of train. Relax and appreciate the stunning surroundings as you travel from Colombo to Kandy, Sri Lanka’s cultural heart. Find the train time table here.

A Bus Ride to Kandy

There are direct bus services available between Colombo and Kandy. Take a bus to Kandy from the Colombo Central Bus Stand (Pettah) or the Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus Terminal. The trip normally takes 3-4 hours, depending on traffic conditions. As you travel to the charming city of Kandy, take in the gorgeous road through lush greenery and rolling hills. To plan your route and check bus timetables, go to, the official website of Sri Lanka National Transport Commission (NTC).

By Taxi to Kandy

You can also arrange a private vehicle and driver to take you via a rental car or use one of the apps named Uber or Pick me (Sri Lankan app). This is the fastest but most expensive way to travel.

Rent a Tuktuk and Drive to Kandy !

Travelling from Colombo to Kandy in your own tuktuk is one of the most spectacular ways to appreciate the beautiful splendour and discover Sri Lanka’s hidden gems. Renting a tuktuk provides an exciting experience, with the freedom to drive through fascinating routes and the option to pull over at any location that sparks your interest.

Head over to our online reservations system on tuktukrental.comSelect your booking dates, extras and enter your details. Continue to the payment section and enjoy riding a tuktuk in Sri Lanka.

Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a tuktuk in Kandy is a great way to explore the city at your own pace. You’ll need a local temporary driving license, which we can assist you with.

Yes, it’s safe to drive a tuktuk in Kandy. We provide a driving lesson to ensure you’re comfortable with the vehicle.

We offer customer support throughout the rental period to assist with any issues that may arise.
On your pickup day, one of our driving instructors will drive the tuktuk with your locally approved permit (licence) and the necessary documentation to your hotel, provide you with a comprehensive driving lesson and off you go, explore paradise!

Yes, you can drop-off the tuktuk in Kandy. You can check the pick-up and drop-off charges here!

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