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Rent a Tuktuk in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka!

Arugam Bay offers surfing, sunlight, and amazing spots to explore with a tuktuk. This exciting city, known as Sri Lanka’s surfing capital, attracts visitors looking for the right balance of calm and adrenaline. Explore the magnificent East Coast via tuktuk (also known as an auto rickshaw, trishaw, tuk tuk or 3-wheeler), from the lanes that lead through the elephant area to the edge of Yala National Park. If you’re lucky to find local friends, they may even reveal some secret surf spots for a fantastic experience. Arugam Bay promises to be a haven of excitement, whether you stay for a few days or extend your trip for years.

Things to Do in and Around Arugam Bay

a drone shot of Augam Bay beach
A drone shot of Augam Bay beach 📸 @from.miles.away

This exciting city, known as Sri Lanka’s surfing capital

Rent a Tuktuk in Arugam Bay with

Obtain Your Sri Lankan Recognition Permit from Arugam Bay

Driving a tuktuk in Sri Lanka requires a special recognition permit, and there are two ways to get this. Either with your “International Driving Permit / IDP” or your “Regular National Country Licence” with B/C endorsement (depending on your country where B/C is representing car) on it.

We can obtain your recognition permit from the AAC (Automobile Association of Ceylon) with any of the two. You will receive an email with the licence form where you can upload the documents, and we will have it ready at your pickup in Arugam Bay. You can read more information about the Sri Lankan recognition permit here!

Get Covered with Our Comprehensive Insurance

All our tuktuks come with comprehensive insurance covering damage to your tuktuk and other vehicles. It also covers personal injury to you, your passengers, and 3rd parties. Read more about the insurance coverage here!

Master Your Tuktuk: Get Comfortable Before Beginning Your Journey from Arugam Bay

Before you rent a tuktuk, we will provide you with an online briefing going over the final details, and we will assist you with your itinerary. Finally, receive comprehensive driving instruction before exploring paradise in your own tuktuk from Arugam Bay

Why Choose

Renting a tuktuk is an exciting and unique way to see the country’s gorgeous landscapes and immerse yourself in the local culture, especially around Arugam Bay. Consider factors such as reputable reviews, official business registration, SLTDA registration, correct rental insurance, safety and maintenance standards, transparent pricing, customer support, license requirements, training, and environmental practices when selecting a rental company. You can read further about it here!

Your safety is our priority. We provide proper rental insurance coverage, regular vehicle inspections, and dedicated mechanics for maintenance. Roadside assistance is available in case of emergencies. We believe in transparent pricing and offer reasonable rental conditions without hidden fees. Our commitment to clear communication ensures exceptional customer service and quick resolution of any issues. Since 2019, we have offset all our carbon emissions, supporting sustainable tourism and contributing to a greener Sri Lanka.

Consider these aspects when selecting a tuktuk rental provider. Enjoy the freedom of the open road and immerse yourself in the splendour of Sri Lanka. Let the adventure begin from Arugam Bay!

Things to See in Augam Bay

Main surf point Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay Main Surfing Point aka “Main Point” is a world-class surf break sometimes ranked as one of the 10 best waves in the world. It’s a right-hand point break with a reef bottom that breaks along the coastline for 300 meters with 3 sections. The wave often offers barrels to the most intrepid riders and if it isn’t as photogenic as Waimea or Teahupoo, it is still a really beautiful wave and mostly an exciting and technical break for intermediate to advanced-level surfers. You can get to the location from here in your tuktuk.

Tuktuk on a beach view
Tuktuk on a beach view 📸 @serinandavid

Main Surfing Point aka “Main Point” is a world-class surf break sometimes ranked as one of the 10 best waves in the world

Muhudu Maha Viharaya

Built over 2000 years ago to mark the landing place of Queen Viharamahadevi. Its build closer to a wide beach by King Mahanama. You will find ruins and other historical monuments at this location as of yet and you can easily drive your tuktuk to this location. You can find the location of this legendary fort here.

Panama Crocodile Tank

Lake Panama is situated in the village of Panama located about 12 km south of Arugam Bay. It is famous for its crocodile sanctuary, a small pond, and a bird-watching area. You can travel through the village road in your tuk tuk to find this wildlife spot here.

Elephant Rock

The Elephant rock is about 3km south of Arugam Bay. Climbing to this amazing location will give you one amazing view of the coastal areas with the best sunset. Beware of Elephants who would be roaming nearby. To check the place, click here.

Whiskey Point

Arugam Bay’s Whiskey Point is a well-known surfing location that provides an exciting and difficult surfing experience. It attracts surfers of all skill levels, from beginners wanting to catch their first waves to skilled surfers seeking an adrenaline rush, due to its strong and regular waves.

Pottuvil Point

Pottuvil Point is a premier surfing location known for its strong and reliable waves and lengthy rides, and difficult breakers. it offers a breath-taking experience for both beginner and experienced surfers.

Peanut Farm

Arugam Bay’s Peanut Farm is a quiet beach perfect for peaceful leisure among stunning scenery.It’s the ideal place to relax and enjoy nature’s charms, including its crystal-clear seas. There is also a coconut shell mini golf course where you can play golf. You can reach this location in your tuktuk through the bushy thorned bushed off-the-beaten path.

Crocodile Rock

Arugam Bay’s Crocodile Rock is a wonderful rock structure with Eye-catching sea views. This unusual landmark, which was named because it looks similar to a crocodile, offers the perfect environment for swimming and tanning. you can easily go to this location in your tuktuk and enjoy and take in the natural splendour of Arugam Bay.

Urani Lagoon

Explore the natural beauty of Urani Lagoon, where you can take a boat trip among the mangroves, see a variety of bird species, and watch a colourful sunset.

Kudumbigala Monastery

Set off on a spiritual trip to Kudumbigala Monastery, an old Buddhist monastery hidden in a restful forest offering a unique cultural experience. You can get to Kudumbigala Monastery in your tuktuk, which lies eleven miles from Panama and seventeen miles away from the Kumana Village. It was built in 246 BC, during the time of King Devanampiyatissa. It was first established as a refuge for Buddhist monks who wanted to escape the busy cities.

The Fishing Traditions of Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is well-known not just for its beautiful beaches and surf breaks, but also for its active fishing culture. For years, local fisher families have been a vital part of the town, relying on the abundant ocean for a living. As you go down the beach, look at the colorful fishing boats and examine the fishermen’s expert methods. If you want to learn about the local way of life, you may visit the fishing harbor or even better to go fishing at Whiskey Point, Pottuvil Point, Crocodile Rock, and Elephant Rock. For more information and finding more fishing spots, you can refre to Fishbrain. These locations allow you to see the fisherman in action and absorb in the true fishing ambiance.

A fisherman standing on a fishing stick
A fisherman standing on a fishing stick 📸 @sofimprado

Taste the Local Flavours in Arugam Bay

FLO! Restaurant

Famous for its hospitality and also for the ambiance of the location FLO has its very own reputation for homemade pizza and delicious food. For the location of the restaurant click here.

Star Dust Beach Restaurant

This amazing beachfront restaurant for everyone who wants to relax and enjoy their meal with a view will offer wonderful and delicious meals at an affordable cost. It would cost around $5 per person. For the location of the restaurant click here.


If you’re at the coast, then what else would you need than diving into an amazing seafood menu. Mr. Fisherman presents the best and the fresh seafood for their menu. For the location of the restaurant click here.

Leaf & Vine Arugam Bay

A small and laid-back cafĂ© that serves a variety of nutritious and tasty cuisine, with a concentration on vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Customers like the cafĂ©’s relaxing ambiance, organic products, and commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly methods. For the location of the restaurant click here.

Squeeze Me

Squeeze Me is a lively juice bar and café noted for its refreshing juices, smoothies, and light meals. It’s a great location to quince your thirst after a full day of driving around the tuktuk. You can find the restaurant here.

Hideout Arugambay

Hideaway combines soulful activities of swimming, surfing, beach walks, cycle rides and yoga. You can chill by the pool, unwinding with rejuvenating massages and savouring delicious meals. Wellness is an integral part of the Hideaway. With your stay over, you can park your tuktuk at the secured car park of Hideway.
A couple who has parched their tuktuk close to beach and drinking king coconut
A couple who has parched their tuktuk close to beach and drinking king coconut 📸 @hungariandreamers
A couple who has parched their tuktuk close to beach and drinking king coconut

Emily's Arugambay

Emily’s is a prominent restaurant that serves worldwide food such as Mediterranean, Asian, and Sri Lankan cuisine. Customers like the restaurant’s warm welcome, numerous menu selections, and convenient location only steps from the beach, making it an ideal place to relax and dine. For the location of the restaurant click here.

Kaffi Arugam Bay

A charming cafĂ© near Arugam Bay, entices guests with speciality coffees, fresh baked products, and light meals. Guests love the cozy enviroment, friendly staff, and the cafĂ©’s commitment to serving good quality coffee sourced from local plantations. For the location of the restaurant click here.

Siam View Brew Pub

Siam View Brew Pub offers a blend of Thai and Sri Lankan tastes. This vibrant place serves wonderful cuisine and variety of specialty brews. Customers like the live music, and the opportunity to sample one-of-a-kind culinary masterpieces. For the location of the restaurant click here.

East_falafel Arugambay

East_falafel Arugambay offers a delicious journey to Middle Eastern delicacies. Drive your tuktuk to this lively eatery and indulge in delectable falafel wraps, hummus, and succulent shawarmas. The warm and laid-back ambiance, combined with polite service, creates the ideal setting for you to enjoy your tuktuk journeys while sampling the various cuisines. Find it here.

Salty Swamis

Satisfy your appetites with a broad menu that caters to both health enthusiasts and cuisine lovers at Salty Swamis Arugam Bay. This tuktuk-friendly café offers a great coffee, with everything from refreshing smoothie bowls to lovely handmade burgers. The cozy seating area, beachy vibes, and welcoming staff make it an ideal spot to recharge and refuel during your tuktuk exploration. Find it here.

Waypoint Arugam Bay (Wagmi)

Waypoint Arugam Bay (Wagmi), a well-known destination where international and local cuisines meet, offers a Fusion of Flavors. Drive your tuktuk to this beautiful café and enjoy the colorful cooking scene. They serve amazing cocktails which make Waypoint a must-visit site for tuktuk explorers looking for a great experience, thanks to its comfortable setting and excellent service. Find it here.

Khanna Arugambay

Khanna Arugambay, a hidden gem that serves Mexican cuisine and juicy burgers, will satisfy your taste buds. Drive your tuktuk to this quiet and pleasant eatery and participate in the open mic plan that takes place every Thursday night. The friendly warmth and charming environment match your tuktuk journey, making for a really unique dining experience. Find it here.

Shady Lane

Shady Lane Arugam Bay offers a relaxing retreat where you may unwind and enjoy a delectable combination of tastes. Drive your tuktuk to this cafĂ© and enjoy its cuisine, which combines Western and Asian dishes. Every bite is a delicious food’s joy, from juicy burgers to delicious noodles. Shady Lane is the ideal location to relax and recharge after a day of tuktuk exploration. Find it here.

Yummy tips:
At night, all of the local eateries that sell local seafood are fantastic and Exceptionally fresh. The rotti stand at the southern end of Arugam Bay is excellent.

Recharge at Comfortable Stays in Arugam Bay

Lighthouse Beach Hut, Komari

Enjoy your night in one of their beautiful cabanas in front of the fantastic Komari beach. You can stay over in one of their unique beach huts for the night. It’s a two-hour tuktuk drive from Arugambay.

Whisky Point Resort

Blessed with wonderful and friendly staff with amenities for your needs, this beachfront – Whisky Point Resort gives you the best kind of relaxation for your vacation. You can stay in a beautiful wooden beach hut on a less busy whisky point bay. You can pick up & drop-off the tuktuk from the Whisky Point Resort. For the location of the hotel, click here.

Jetwing Surf

Moving on to Jetwing Surf, which is one of the famous hotel chains in Sri Lanka, the Jetwing Surf hotel provides you with the best of their service and amazing food. For the location of the resort click here.

The Long Hostel

Transitioning to a more budget-friendly option, The Long Hostel is a budget-friendly hostel that provides pleasant dormitory-style lodging for guests looking for a sociable and cheap stay in Arugam Bay. The hostel offers modest facilities and a welcoming ambiance, making it an excellent alternative for backpackers and those seeking a simple and quick lodging option. For the location of the resort click here. For the location of the resort click here.

A drone shot from top of one beach
A drone shot from top of one beach 📸 @thetuktuktrip

Blue Waters Arugam Bay

Switching scenes to a seaside location, Blue Waters Arugam Bay presents cozy accommodations coupled with lovely ocean views. It offers direct beach access to visitors, along with other conveniences including a restaurant and attentive service. For those seeking a peaceful beach retreat with immediate access to the stunning Arugam Bay shoreline, Blue Waters emerges as the perfect option. For the location of the resort click here.

The Bay

Similarly, The Bay is a hotel located near the beach that offers comfortable accommodations within a relaxing atmosphere. Providing a calming setting, guests can unwind and appreciate the beauty of Arugam Bay. It caters to those looking for a tranquil and restful stay, thanks to its attentive service and convenient location. For the location of the resort click here.

Stay Golden

Finally, Stay Golden in Arugam Bay, hosted by Angie & Rihan, serves as your home away from home. Here, you can choose to stay in tropical cabanas enveloped by nature, take a dip in the swimming pool, and treat yourself at the on-site restaurant. Importantly, you can reach the accommodation in your own tuktuk, and the owners warmly welcome travellers from tuktukrental. For the location of the resort click here.

The Spice Trail

The Spice Trail accommodations provide a distinct blend of luxury and excitement. After a day of exploration, their comfortable accommodations provide a relaxing respite. Every Friday, you can get there in your tuktuk for a great night, where you can dance the night away and spice up your weekend in style. They have ample tuk tuk parking, and you book your stay here!

Tip: On most Fridays, you can find a party in Arugam Bay; this may be something to consider when booking your accommodations.

How to Get to Arugam Bay from Colombo

A Train Ride to Arugam Bay

It’s impossible to take the train directly to Arugam Bay, but you can take it to Ella (9 hours) or Badulla (10-11 hours). From there, you can take a bus to Pottuvil (6 hours) and after that, it’s a 10-minute tuktuk ride to Arugam Bay. You can also take a private car from Ella or Badulla directly to Aragum Bay, which will take around 4 hours (slightly longer from Badulla). Make sure to book your train tickets in advance. First-class costs are a bit higher, guaranteeing a seat (sometimes other classes are overbooked). To find the train timetable click here.

A Bus Ride to Arugam Bay

If you want to get straight to Arugam Bay, the best route is by A/C bus. These buses leave near the main bus station in Colombo (Pettah). Make sure you get to the bus station early, as the exact pick-up location can sometimes be a little difficult to find. You can also take a public bus from Colombo to Pottuvil (near Arugam Bay), which is a bit cheaper and an experience!
To plan your route and check bus timetables, go to the official website of Sri Lanka’s National Transport Commission (NTC).

By Taxi to Arugam Bay

You can also arrange a private vehicle and driver to take you. This is the fastest but most expensive way to travel. It will take approximately 8-10 hours from Colombo.

Rent a Tuktuk and Drive to Arugam Bay!

Travelling from Colombo to Arugam Bay in your tuktuk is one of the most spectacular ways to appreciate the beautiful splendour and discover Sri Lanka’s hidden gems. Renting a tuktuk is a memorable experience, with the freedom to drive through fascinating routes and the option to pull over at any location that sparks your interest.

Select your booking dates, extras and enter your details. Continue to the payment section and enjoy riding a tuktuk in Sri Lanka.

Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a tuktuk in Arugam Bay is a great way to explore the city at your own pace. You’ll need a local temporary driving license, which we can assist you with.
Yes, it’s safe to drive a tuktuk in Arugam Bay. We provide a driving lesson to ensure you’re comfortable with the vehicle.
We offer customer support throughout the rental period to assist with any issues that may arise.
On your pickup day, one of our driving instructors will drive the tuktuk with your locally approved permit (licence) and the necessary documentation to your hotel, provide you with a comprehensive driving lesson and off you go, explore paradise!

Yes, you can drop off the tuktuk in Arugam Bay. You can check the pick-up and drop-off charges here!

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