Sri Lanka Food – Top 5 things to eat in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Food – Top 5 things to eat in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka food is well known for its spices, frequent use of coconut milk and the world famous ceylon tea. We put together 5 of the top Sri Lankan foods to try when you visit! Explore the top 5 places to visit here.

5. Milk Rice

A basic Sri Lankan food is known as “Kiribath” which directly translates to milk rice. It is a traditional Sri Lankan food made from rice boiled in coconut milk and served with a spicy onion sambol (ilunu miris). This is prepared at every Sri Lankan household for nearly any special occasion, birthdays, Sinhala & Tamil New Year, weddings, religious holidays etc. This is mostly consumed in the mornings but be aware you may feel a bit sleepy afterwards with all the milk and rice.


4.Pol Rotti

Like a vegetable patty, this Sri Lankan food is a kind of flatbread made from flour, scraped coconut and onion. It is mostly served with a spicy onion salad known as “ilunu miris”. This is mostly consumed in the morning for breakfast by the locals.


3.Rice and Curry

THE staple Sri Lankan food. It is eaten three times a day by the locals. It is boiled white or red rice with any kind of meat curry and about three or four vegetable curries. The sky is the limit with the number of different curries you could mix and match. The most popular combination is chicken curry with dhal (red lentil) curry, pol sambol (spicy coconut sambol), papadam and deep fried dry chilly.


2. Hoppers

A unique and equally delicious Sri Lankan food is Hopper. Hopper can be served plain or with an egg in the middle. It is made with rice flour and coconut milk and served with “ilunu miris” (spicy onion salad). This is usually served in the evenings at nearly any food shop on the side of a road and would be made fresh so you could enjoy a couple of steaming hoppers on the side of the road at a table or take it to go.



The number one Sri Lanka food dish is the famous Kottu! This is a local favourite, if you ask any Sri Lankan what their favourite food it most will answer with Kottu.  almost any Sri Lankans’ favourite food is kottu. There is even a song written about the love for kottu.

Made with chopped up flatbread (parotha). Vegetables, eggs, kinds of meat, curries and even cheese could be added to choose your liking. It’s like the pasta of Sri Lanka, but not really…! There are so many varieties of kottu which you could enjoy. You could even custom order to add on anything you want and even the quantity. Starting from vegetable kottu, egg kottu, chicken, fish, pork, beef, cheese, palandi (curd), cuttlefish and even crab kottu! Also instead of the normal flatbread you could have the “Dolphin” kottu which has larger chunks of flatbread and larger chunks of any kind of meat you choose, then you can have string hopper kottu where they use string hoppers instead of flat bread, bread kottu where you use bread instead of the usual and the healthy nNo carb kottu where they substitute the flat bread with scrambled egg.

There you have it, Kottu is a dish that anyone can enjoy! Pack your bags and get over here!

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