Have you decided to drive around this amazing country in the most local way by driving a tuk tuk?  This article will help you find answers to questions that are pondering your mind. Let us start with a very important first question.

What license is required?

A tuk tuk is a three-wheeled vehicle and by the Indian law, it’s considered as a Light Motor Vehicle(LMV). An LMV in India is considered to be a vehicle that has a gross weight of less than 7500kg which includes tuk tuk, cars, jeeps, etc. 

The only requirement for you to drive a tuk tuk is an International Driver’s permit(IDP) with a B endorsement on it. So to make it easy if you have an IDP that allows you to drive a car you’re able to drive your own tuk tuk in India.

What does the insurance cover?

In India, it’s illegal to drive around the country without third party insurance. But here are at tuktukrental.com we make sure the tuk tuk’s has comprehensive full vehicle insurance so that it covers personal injury to you, your passengers and third parties.

How good is the tuk?

In tuktukrental.com we make sure all the vehicles are less than two years old. This would make sure the vehicle is out of major mechanical issues. We also get the vehicle through a number of routine checks before handing over the vehicle. All the fluids will be refilled and the vehicle will be greased. All this makes sure your vehicle is good to hit the road.  

How do we learn to drive a tuk?

Driving a tuk is a bit tricky but easy too, but still, at tuktukrental.com we make sure you get a proper driving class from our experienced tutors. They take you through everything you need to know about a tuk and how to drive it. They will spend time with you until your confident to ride the vehicle. And all this for free.

Where can we pick up/drop the vehicle?  

At tuktukrental.com we are very flexible to support our customers. We will bring the vehicle to any location requested by our customers and provide the free driving class at your location. And this will be the same even if you want to drop off the vehicle in a different location. 

What to do in case of mechanical issues?

Even though we give a proper check for the vehicle there might be one in a hundred cases where there can be a mechanical issue for the vehicle when you’re on the road. But you needn’t worry India is filled with tuk and you will find people who can repair the vehicle easily. And once you’re in a major town you can give the vehicle a proper check with an authorized dealer of the vehicle. Our customer care team will also be in touch to guide you too nearby mechanics.

Are there any extras provided with the tuk?

We provide you with all the essentials to get you on the road, and to keep you on the road longer. Our standard kit includes: 

  1. Spare Tyre
  2. Basic Toolset
  3. Reserve Fuel Tank
  4. Lockable Storage Box
  5. USB Charging Port 
  6. Phone Holder

We also have the following optional extras available for rent:

  • Big Bluetooth speakers
  • Surfboard roof-racks
  • Baby-seats

Tuktukrental.com makes sure that the customers are getting the best for every penny spent. At the same time you’re also being part of a big social responsibility as the vehicle you are driving is owned by a local Indian who is earning more money for his family because of people like you.

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  • Posted May 29, 2022 12:35 pm
    by ALEX

    Hi! I am Alex, from Spain.
    We are looking in different companies because we are looking for a long term rental of
    a tuktuk to travel around india.
    I would like to ask for the prices and what is the necessary paperwork.
    Thank you

    • Posted May 31, 2022 9:24 pm
      by Wietse Sennema

      Hi Alex! Hope all is well in Spain and great to hear you are planning to come to India. Unfortunately, we have discontinued our Indian operations since COVID. We do however still operate in Sri Lanka, can we seduce you to a trip to the little paradise island close to India instead?

      To drive a tuktuk legally in India, you need to have your International Driving Permit with B (car) endorsement on it.

      Drop us an email and we can send you more comprehensive info 🙂

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