About Us

Nurturing Communities

Social Business

We help local tuktuk owners earn extra income by matching them with avid travellers (like you) who want a self-driving adventure like no other. We get YOU behind the handlebars of late model tuktuks so you can explore Sri Lanka like a local!

As a social business, we pay people above the regular rate to ensure we are giving back to the community where we can. We have a fair contract with the local tuktuk owners so we can help them put food on the table for their families and we pay them up to 5 times what they would otherwise get for their vehicle.

In Sri Lanka, there are about 1.5 million tuktuks and most of them are still on financial loans that the drivers are trying to repay (a new tuktuk costs almost $5000 due to high government taxes). We’re not doing a huge amount, but hopefully, with every hire, we are making a small dent to help these people. We are a company that is trying it’s best to help local people support their own families. When you rent with us, the difference you make in the lives of the local tuktuk owners is substantial!

The Epitome of Premium Service

Premium Service

As a premium rental provider, we also seek to enhance your journey in all aspects. Our prices include unlimited km’s, full insurance, comprehensive driving lessons, phone holder and charger, spare tyre, adventure platform (map with 1000+ off the beaten track locations), social group chat with all other customers on the road, extra’s to make you comfortable and 24/7 extensive on the road support.

Embrace Authenticity

Authentic Travel with Tuktuk Rental

We believe the best way to travel anywhere in the world is like a local, and that the best and most fulfilling memories start with you choosing your own adventure. So what better way to travel like a local and choose your adventure than in the driving seat of your very own tuktuk?

TukTuk Rental operates out of the beachside suburb of Mount Lavinia, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We work hard behind the scenes to make renting a tuktuk in Sri Lanka as easy as possible. We source late model and reliable tuktuks and sort out all the paperwork so you can turn up and go. At its core, the business is an online platform that links tourists with local tuktuk owners.